Haven’t blogged anything in a while

Should I let the blog go defunct?

While not necessarily forswearing anything you may read in older posts, I can say that my interest in politics has waned sharply. I find that I’ve become much more of a reactionary since I began. I’ve no faith in a party whatsoever. The DNC needs a stake driven through its undead heart and the GOP needs to at least learn to fear the lash of the people’s will. And even then the fundamental changes necessary to salvage our society must come from the bottom up. If we can make these changes then perhaps our grandchildren will merely be paupers insead of slaves or serfs. Big “if”.

Perhaps I should blog some more. If only to put it up as proof that I told you so. And of course any comments would be welcome if you’d like to have “told us so”.

Where to start? What “ground-up” changes need to be made?


Read the whole thing

Then weep.

ANGELO CODEVILLA: America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution.

Today’s Aphorism

“What is called the social problem is the urgent necessity of finding a balance between the evident equality of men and their evident inequality.”

-Nicolas Gomez Davila


I don’t agree with everything that they post over at Daily Pundit, but nemo paradise has composed a brilliant and timely piece that’s worth reading twice.

Yesterday’s Villain.

So I was cleaning out my desk the other night

and found the password to this here blog. I took it as a sign to start posting again, but it looks like the place could use a little cleanup.

I’ll probably update the blogroll first. What cool sites am I missing?

She has a bright future ahead of her in the Democratic Party.

From the Innocent Bystanders.

Spirited debate in Wisconsin about illegal immigration.

Why is it

every time I wake up to hear that Congress passed something in the middle of the night, I know not to bother checking the price of my modest stock holdings.

Those wankers are doing their damndest to make sure all of us have to work through the night just to get by.

Tar, feathers, politicians. Some assembly definitely required.