Recently Read

Bernard Cornwell’s Alfred the Great series. I finished the first two and to my chagrin the bookstore was closed. I immediately downloaded the Kindle version for my phone.  That’s how good they are. Couldn’t wait to continue.

Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series – Not bad if you like horse-and-sword fantasy. Better than a lot of stuff that’s out there.

Jim Butcher’s most recent Harry Dresden novel, Changes. Butcher is not kind to his protagonist. He doesn’t title the chapters but if he did, each one could have been called, “But Wait…It Gets Worse!” That said the story and the writing just get better and better.

Started John Scalzi’s The God Engines. Took it back. Just didn’t grab me. Shame, because I loved, loved, loved the Old Man’s War series and The Android’s Dream.

Dashiell Hammet’s The Maltese Falcon. I liked the movie well enough. I actually recommend it over the book.  

Dan Simmons’ Carrion Comfort. It holds up remarkably well, given it’s publication date in 1982. Recommended.


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