Congrats to B. Obama – 44th POTUS

In my voting, I had never lost an election – well that changed tonight.

Congrats to the 44th President of the United States Barrack Obama and his supporters. They ran a hell of campaign and won. Kudos.

It doesn’t end here.

Some thoughts on this election:

Yeah, by and by, McCain was the best guy we could have run against President-Elect Obama. Seeing how it turned out, I don’t think Fred would’ve fared any better. We would be talking about a Goldwater-esque shellacking tonight. I don’t think the country was ready to move that far to the right.

In these last few days Senator McCain showed he had the stuff – alas, not enough to win over the American people, but still an honorable and energetic showing. At least in my estimate.  He was running in a tough year.

He tapped Sarah Palin.  There will be much gnashing of teeth as to weather she helped or hurt the campaign. I say she helped. I saw the crowds,  the excitement, the energy.

She captivated.

Was she mishandled? I’ll leave that to the pundits and their Wednesday morning quarterbacking. Still, I don’t know why her introduction to the American people wasn’t live with Charlie or Katie.

Yes, Palin/Jindal 2012.

So here’s my two cents for what its worth:

As much as I love the man: GW lost us the election tonight. Oh, this was the left’s final revenge on a man they so vilified  these last eight years. The “four more years of George Bush,” line resonated. The recent economic crises and his “sky is falling” mentality didn’t help his party. He signed a very unpopular bailout.  His unwillingness not to tout our winning in Iraq – which his part of his character I love – didn’t help either:

Yes, Senator Barrack we maybe spending Billions in a war, but at least we’re winning that war. And we haven’t been attacked in seven years. Alas.

In 2011, much of the world and most importantly our country will miss the leadership of George W. Bush, especially in light of what I assume will the leadership of our next President.

So good night America. Good job.

And sleep well.

And God Bless.


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