Roller Coaster Wednesday…

JMac suspends campaign…I voted on Michelle Malkin that this was a good idea. Country First. It keeps with his narrative. My only question is he going to try to save this bill, if he is, please keep beating the pavement for votes and getting ready for this Friday’s debate — the other guy is ahead.

John McCain has made several gambles in this campaign and thus far they’re paying off. Remember this guy wasn’t supposed to be here a year ago. So, I’ll defer to his judgement on this one.

Mr. President a you can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Sorry. 

On a Palin vs. Obama debate, that would be interesting. I don’t think it’ll happen. If it were…holy cow.

The good news: REPUBLICANS are fighting this…

Numerous Democrats have said privately in recent days they are wary of voting for the administration’s proposed legislation without significant Republican support. “


Wow. There’s still a beat, however faint, of fiscally conscious Republicans.

Who knew?


2 Responses

  1. In a crisis, people revert to what they know best. John McCain knows backroom dealing in the Senate. Barack Obama knows voting either party line or “present”. Obama knows giving pretty speeches where he blames Republicans and then he offers bad ideas on how to fix it. John McCain has the experience and leadership – he KNOWS how to get bad ideas made law.

    But neither of them is president yet. They’re both Senators and a decision needs to be made on this one way or the other. They both need to get their asses to work and do the jobs they currently have. Whatever deal is worked out, I want both of their names next to a vote. As The King would say, a little less conversation, a little more action. It’s time to TCB, baby.

    Until then, and maybe after depending on the details of what’s worked out, I say a plague on both their houses.

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