Heller v. District of Columbia

Oral Arguments were today.

From the reports and transcript, it looks encouraging. It doesn’t appear that the SCOTUS is going to dodge this issue of individual vs collective right. It’s possible even that Miller will be overturned. The big question seems to be how much regulatory power the states will have over what you’re allowed to own to defend yourself or to enjoy. We shall see.

It may well be that the firewall will be at your city or state level. Your state may just wind up with the power to regulate the hell out of your exercise of your Constitutional right. It may, in the end, be up to you and others like-minded to keep that from happening, just like with all the state laws and amendments passed in the wake of the awful Kelo decision.

You know, the older I get the more I scratch my graying head at why we even have this fucking conversation anymore.*

Gun control works. There is simply no better mechanism than disarming the people to insure that the government can impose its will. It’s very well documented how much easier it is for the state to dictate religion (including and especially worship of the state itself), indoctrinate the children, censor speech and the press, and ethnically cleanse as needed when the people cannot resist with guns.
Oh, you thought I meant for preventing crime? No, sadly, if that’s as far as your going to take it, it isn’t much good for just that. If you aren’t going to go whole hog and remake the social order, then gun control is only a half measure. You won’t get the results you want from it.

*I had a much longer rant here, but it got pretty deep into Godwin’s Law territory. Since I dislike hyperbole I’m just going to replace it by stating that everyone who supports gun control or handgun bans is a fascist. Not necessarily a Nazi, maybe more a Mussolini/Clinton type fascist. But still.


4 Responses

  1. Honestly, Heller’s arguments made a lot more sense before receipts were discovered that showed Milo Minderbinder actually profited two cents for each bullet with which Snowden was shot.

  2. Heh. Nice.

  3. You’d think they could find a better rhyme for “get” than “McCain”, but I guess rhyme scheme has always been more of a Democrat thing–you know, Jesse Jackson, Johnny Cochran, etc.

  4. My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

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