Ridley Scott Developing Reagan Picture

I found this on Libertas.

I’m not as worried as Dirty Harry, because of Ridley Scott’s direction in Black Hawk Down.  He was, as far as I remember it,  as faithful to the real story as he could be.

“I thought – just make it as it was. Try not to romanticise it. Try not to sentimentalise it – and leave the audience with questions at the end, not necessarily answers,” he told the BBC.

Plus, I just don’t think he’s got an axe to grind.


3 Responses

  1. Could be good.

  2. as long as he doesn’t go with the same writer as Kingdom of Heaven.

    Does it sound like he wants to direct or just produce?

    If he’s not directing, who do you think would be a good choice?

  3. To direct a RR picture? Okay, if I’m producing it. Man, that’s tough. We’re talking about a dialog heavy picture. Plus, the added element of simply telling the story without a political bias – which is why I like Ridley Scott – Man, right off the top of my head, Thomas Schlamme of Sports Night and West Wing fame. He’s currently, working on his second feature, though he’s been skating the river for awhile.

    Who do you think should play Ronald Reagan? Or Gorbachev?

    Since it’s Ridley Scott, I think Russel Crowe would be a good choice. Gorbachev?

    Let me think on that a bit.

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