British Children “Too Materialistic” according to state salaried clergyman

Per the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Commenting on a report from the Good Childhood Inquiry, of which he is the patron, Dr Rowan Williams said: “Children should be encouraged to value themselves for who they are as people rather than what they own.

“The selling of lifestyles to children creates a culture of material competitiveness and promotes acquisitive individualism at the expense of the principles of community and co-operation.”

I don’t know about this guy, but one of the first words I ever learned was “MINE!”. Society is not doing this to the children. It’s innate and it’s not a bad thing; you just have to channel it. And acquisitive individualism is how people develop the means to both provide their kids wants AND support their chuch.

Jeez, I’m glad we kicked those limey bastards out of our country. I mean, they make good allies and all, but sometimes I think good oceans make good neighbors.

And yeah, this is the Archbishop who supports the coming of sharia law to the United Kingdom.


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