Watching the Skies

I missed last night’s lunar eclipse – it was too cloudy here in Big D.One of my fondest memories from childhood was Dad setting up a telescope in the back yard during an eclipse and letting me stay up late, the two of us taking turns watching the moon slowly swallowed up in shadow. During commercial breaks while watching Star Trek (The Cage) and drinking cocoa. Now I’ve got kids and am hoping it doesn’t rain that night in 2010. Oh, and I’m going to need a telescope.


You know, if you had told me back then that we wouldn’t be going back to the moon, that we wouldn’t be “out there” by the time I was my Dad’s age, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Of course we are up there in orbit. Atlantis returned safely the other day, having completed its mission and dropping off an astronaut for a stint on the ISS. But that’s not what I meant. I mean, the ISS is cool and all but there aren’t any half-naked green alien dancing girls, now are there? Be that as it may, having seen the loss of two shuttle crews in my lifetime, I’m always glad to hear when we make it back safe and sound. Welcome back to Earth, guys.

And, as you may have heard, this cleared the way for THE COOLEST MISSILE SHOT EVER.

Cuffy Meigs has all the details.

Cuffy, you left something out: The song I’ve had in my head all day since reading about the sat zap….

(NSFW – language – unless you work somewhere cool and they don’t mind the F-bomb)


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