Not me, not yet anyway

Some thought of my own about this Prisoner’s Dilemma election we’re having:

  1. I don’t want to punish my country for moving to the left by giving it too much of what it seems to be clamoring for.  No matter what people like Bill Whittle say about people like me. This isn’t petulance or derangement. I see the descent into socialism happening in degrees. I just don’t know if I want to be party to that descent anymore. At some point, it will pass you too. What if Ron Paul was the nominee by now? Don’t think about it too long, that way lies madness, but just imagine it for a second. You still on the “my party right or wrong” track there? Yeah, me neither.  
  2. I don’t care what Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh say. Ann’s schtick is hyperbole. Rush will have plenty of listeners either way. Either way he gets at least 4 years in opposition to the White House. No way that’s bad for him. But I’m not in entertainment or politics so I could give a rat’s ass.  
  3. I don’t care who else endorses McCain. Of course they’re going to back the nominee. What are they going to say? Stay home? Please.
  4. I’m not afraid of Hillary or Obama becoming president.
    1. They might pull us out of Iraq. They say they will, but their lips are moving when they say it, so who knows? Who knows how well Iraq’s own army will be doing by then?  
    2. Neither of them would allow a terrorist attack on this country if they can help it and you know it. Hillary has a long history of shutting down potential threats to her political power.
    3. Both of them, Clinton and Obama,  want to foist government health care on the American people, but that’s probably a fait accompli by now. The Dems will keep running on that until they get it. Next Republican may very well run on it too.
    4. They’ll open the borders? Yeah, John’s a big improvement on that.
    5. They’ll fuck up the economy? If they can, they will. Or maybe McCain will punish all the greedy Wall Street types. ‘Cause that would be better. Certainly, they’d let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. Then again the Republican who voted against them might too.
  5. I’m open to the idea that we’ll get some good Supreme Court nominees. If he wouldn’t trade one or two picks to get something else he wanted, he might keep his promise there. Then again, how do you know?  And Conger, the SCOTUS doesn’t sit around discussing Roe all day. They do decide other cases. This was important and the party has whiffed it with this nomination.
  6. I’m not voting for the opposition. I don’t hate my country, after all. It’s not America’s fault her schools have failed to teach history, philosophy or economics.

And that’s all I know at this point. He has some time to convince me, especially on judges. I’m going to be like most voters in this election. I’ll know sometime in October.  

Not that I matter. I’m in Texas. We’ll be a red state no matter what. Maybe that’s why we don’t get a say in the primaries until freakin’ March. We’ll just let a bunch of traditionally blue states pick the Republican candidates for us. I’m looking at you, CA, NY and NJ. No, I don’t matter which makes it easy to say a plague on both houses and leave that space blank.

My last word on whether or not I vote until October is this:

I understand that a vote for Nixon was better than one for McGovern and likewise a vote for McCain would be better than a vote for either defeatist running on the other side. Doesn’t mean Nixon didn’t do a lot of damage to this country in ways Jimmy Carter could only envy -damage that we and the world are still paying for and I’m not talking about Watergate.

Doesn’t mean I have to like getting two shitty choices. Doesn’t mean I have to participate.


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