Conger – Thinking Out Loud

First, kudos to Mitt for being a big boy and dropping out. You were my fourth choice, though I never imagined I would have to far that down the ladder.

 So JMac it is.

Now, for arguments sake, let’s say Hillary or Obama won the presidency. I don’t think the Brass would let them withdraw in the way they’ve been promising their constituency. They advise against it. And they wouldn’t let their legacy be marred by the image of a loyal Iraqis trying to board the last helicopter out of Baghdad. Now, they would blame Bush. It’s his war. They just inherited it. Though I think in order to “keep” their promises they undermine it in small and subtle ways. This of course, would cost military and civilian lives, plus the lives of loyal Iraqis.


This brings us to JMac. He would continue to fight this war. Possibility has a plan to win it.


So what if he selects a Supreme Court nominee we don’t like? It’s not like we’re ever going to overturn Roe V. Wade. So what if doesn’t know anything about the economy or doesn’t make the tax cut permanent? We’ll survive. So what if the government gets bigger as does government spending? My kids – when I have them – will survive.


Nope, for me now, it’s about the war in Iraq and fundamentalist Islam. I don’t trust any of the Democrats with it. I may not like it, but it’s what it is.


JMac it is. So be it.  



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  1. I put your name on the headline. People get us confused.

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