Prayers and Thoughts

For St. Louis tonight.

Six dead, 2 injured in Kirkwood shooting at the City Hall.

from eddiebear


2 Responses

  1. Thanks.

    Sadly, I have been getting a ton of jerks hiting my site and leaving vile comments. I actually have had to delete comments for the first time ever (excluding spam), because some are so vile.

    I actually left one up to illustrate how evil some people are.

  2. jeez.
    here I was bummed about politics and stuff tonight.
    I’m gonna say this, but probably never post about it. I lost someone in a mass murder some years ago. Family member.
    Next day, governor of our state came up and met with some of the survivors and families to offer condolences and pray with them. When the local media got word he was in town, he took off before they could arrive; he didn’t want a circus and it wasn’t about him.
    Always liked W for that.

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