Watched the debate tonight

Did you? Did it change your mind about anything? Well, I was wrong about one thing. I didn’t think I could like McCain less.

Apparently “timetables were a buzzword for withdrawal”. But the good Senator cracked the code and decided to let us in on it just now. Meh. What a petty, snarky waste of time that argument was from a petty, snarky little man. Y’all can vote for him all you want. 25 years in the Senate and John McCain can’t run on his own record. Kinda sad that he has to cherry pick old quotes and take them out of context. You’d think he’d be running on his crown achievements of free speech reform and amnesty and higher gas taxes. Timetables and milestones and checking your progress are how you get your plans accomplished. Executives understand that, but Senator McCain wouldn’t. He’s been a senator for the last quarter century so he understands things in terms of cutting deals.

Mitt looked good, but he didn’t really bring it to McCain the way he should have. Maybe he was trying to be presidential, but he could have scored more hits than he did and still come away a winner. You know, there comes a point in a fight where you stop wanting to win and start wanting to see how many hits it takes to get to the soft, chewy center of the other guy’s skull. Mitt should have gotten there, verbally of course, at least during the whole “you said – I meant” thing.  Americans love a winner, Mitt. Maybe not winners at 3D chess, though.

Ron Paul – yeah, I got nothing. He belongs in the House. Keep voting no on taxes and spending. Was CNN using him as an excuse for McCain and Romney to look bemused?

Governor Huckabee and I disagree on how much to render unto Caesar, but he’s really articulate. He should find some kind of speaking gig in the private sector.

Update: Just watched Frank Luntz on Fox with the focus group. Big winner tonight is: John Cleese.


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