McCain Wins Florida Primary

“It shows one thing. I’m the conservative leader who can unite the party,” the Arizona senator said in a brief interview with The Associated Press.

Probaby wrong on both counts. Fear of Hillary or Obama might unite the party. McCainophilia doesn’t seem to be catching on except with independents and liberal Republicans. We’ll see what happens going into Super Tuesday. Conventional wisdom says it’s a lock for McCain. Conventional wisdom has been wrong in this primary season before.

Assuming it is The Maverick: Well, we survived Nixon, who was right on the war and wrong on everything else. We’d survive McCain if he gets the White House. We survived Bob Dole’s loss to Clinton. We’d survive if McCain loses to the other Clinton.

I wondered the other day about Rudy or Mitt. Looks like Florida got to make that decision for me. Mitt vs McCain is pretty easy for me. Mitt’s a new convert to some conservative principles, but John McCain is an *sshole and he makes Bush look like Goldwater. We nominate McCain, Dex stays home in November. The Anchoress might call me a Goldilocks Republican. Maybe she thinks it’s terribly important to decide whether you get eaten by Papa Bear or Mama Bear. Meh. I’ll go to the polls. I like John Cornyn and I think he’s up, but I can leave the president line blank.

One thing’s for sure though. The Free Market Paradox has to come to an end.

I call it the Free Market Paradox: I’ve observed is that the more a party or wing of a party believes in markets and individual responsibility the worse it does marketing itself. I’ve posted on this before.

The pro-lifers sell their message pretty well. Fetuses look a lot like babies and we know we should protect babies. If you crunch the numbers in polling on abortion you’ll find we’re much more pro-life as a nation than the papers would like to let on.  Almost no one supports “any trimester, no reason” abortion, which is the current law. And women, as they get older, get married and have kids switch over to the pro-life side. You have to be personally invested in the pro-choice argument – either in reputation as a feminist or in justifying abortions you’ve had – to remain so after little Susie or Johnny starts kicking around inside you. Men, especially single men,  are more pro-choice than women, on average, because you never know, right?

Pro-borders folks like Michelle Malkin don’t have to search very long in the news to find reasons to reject amnesty bills like McCain-Kennedy.

Everytime two guys wear tuxes to the courthouse and smooch on the front steps for the news cameras, the gay marriage side loses a little. What no researcher or scientist, let alone politicians or preachers, want to admit is that if homosexuality is biological, homophobia probably is too.

And the news out of the middle east pushes all but the most vehement America-loathers towards a stronger defense. You really, really have to be convinced that “we’re the bad guys” to advocate losing in the War on Terror. I mean Ward Churchill/Howard Zinn convinced. Most Americans don’t buy that.

Social cons and national defense cons have the sales pitches honed and ready at all times.

But limited government cons? Lower taxes and growing the economy? More freedom, fewer laws, more wealth? We’re not selling that as well. You’d think that would make sense to anyone with half a brain. You’d be wrong. And much as I personally like GWB, he didn’t help the cause at all. Don’t believe me? Check out that stimulus package they’re voting on now. Anybody asking how we’re going to pay for that?

So now the nation is moving left because they haven’t been sold on the alternative. Whoever wins this primary season, whoever wins this November, THAT is going to have to change or we can look forward to more elections where we have a choice between liberals.


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