I Do This To Myself…

You want to know what I learned today while waiting for the baristas to make Lucy’s coffee? I learned that I hate the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Civil Rights movement, and every socially progressive movement in, say, the last hundred years.


Silly me, I woke up feeling pretty good about myself this morning, but now I don’t know. Hell, do they let Hispanics in the Klan? Maybe the Neo-Nazi’s will take me? At least let’s make it official. I want benefits. And to think, all I’ve done is vote Republican my entire adult life.

I do this to myself. See, for as long as I can remember I’ve had this habit of picking up the free liberal rags you see when walking out of some of the coffee shop or Blockbuster video here in town. While in Dallas, it was The Dallas Observer. Here in Austin, it’s The Austin Chronicle.

But this article by Louis Black is a condescending piece of dung.

Look at this quote:

“In six years, this administration has successfully reintroduced the social attitudes of this country from at least a half-century back; moreover, they haven’t even stuck to merely archaic, mainstream values but rather included more extreme and sometimes even dishonored ones. Once again (though the behaviors never really went away), disparaging, stereotyping, and demonizing large segments of the American public is acceptable in public discourse.

So let me get this straight. So that I’m absolutely clear. In six short years we’ve gone back fifty? In all fairness, I didn’t know what it was like fifty years ago. I can only assume from the history I’ve read and heard about that how life today is nothing like it was fifty years ago. No schools segregated by race or Jim Crow. Hell, I’m still waiting for our generations Kent State, if you want to see war protesters get theirs. But this is the world Louis Black sees. I just don’t get it.

Here’s what kills me, the three things he cites the administration – a.k.a George W. Bush – as being at fault for:

“Once again (though the behaviors never really went away), disparaging, stereotyping, and demonizing large segments of the American public is acceptable in public discourse.”

Though isn’t he demonizing Republicans. So, all Republicans who voted for George Bush are equally responsible for this rolling back of the clock if you will, though he’s well-meaning about it:

“One has to admire not only the blinders-on focus of this disdainful stupidity but the absolutely arrogant insistence that this view represents a pure, holy vision of human equality rather than a pasteurized, sterilized, and shrunken take on pre-Civil War ideology. Bless them; they know not what they do. “

So now I’m blind? I didn’t think about my vote? I don’t need your blessing. Because I believe. Still do. In watching the president give his last State of the Union address tonight, I felt a slight tug in my heart. I had a hand, albeit a small one, in bringing this man to office. I don’t regret it. Never will. Despite how much he’s irked me these last couple of years, I’m still going to drink up every “last” moment of his Presidency.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my pointed white hat and find some minorities to suppress.


4 Responses

  1. Dude, they are TRACKING you with those “free” rags, like Mel Gibson with Catcher in the Rye in Conspiracy Theory. I keep telling you. And now you’ve led them to me!

  2. What’s sad about the commentary you cite is that the author probably believes it. History teacher told him way back when about how Republicans just want to keep him down but Democrats, who created Jim Crow laws, who filibustered the Civil Rights Act, who created eugenics programs under Wilson, who pushed through the minimum wage to keep minorities from getting jobs, who designed Planned Parenthood to keep down the black birth rate, THOSE Democrats want to help him.
    Sad, really. I blame the schools.

  3. Sorry, Dex.

    Hey, what this dancing red dot on my chest dlndlk – ahh.

  4. damn, those black helicopters are flyin’ awful low….

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