Fred drops out, the Dow dips 128 points and Heath Ledger kills self

Coincidence? Of course. Still, lousy news day.

Heath, you selfish bastard, you had a kid. Your life stopped being about you the day she drew breath. You weren’t man enough to deal with your own shit for her sake and she’s the one who has to suffer for it. You unspeakable prick.

The stock market drop. It’ll be back. Everybody breathe. It’s not a recession yet. And we’re not the “Greatest Generation”. We don’t get to take a decade off work after a little dip in the market and elect some rolling bolshevik 4 times to “save” us from the vagaries of the market.

Fred, hope your mom feels better. Take some time with your family, get some rest, and then please get back on the radio. You don’t have to be president to make a difference.


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