The Superbowl, the Oscars, and the ’08 Elections

Fred came in third tonight in SC.

Tomorrow, as the pundits will be doing their Sunday morning campaign managering, FDT is going to go see his hospitalized mother and I think once safely in the confines of his home state of Tennessee, he’ll withdraw.

Which leaves the other yahoos begging for my vote. Yuck.

I’ll still vote for him on Super Tuesday, just another important vote tossed down a well I’ll never hear hit the bottom.

Tonight I told a friend of mine the results, he said “@#$% that” a couple of times and said he didn’t want any part of the rest of the yahoos, he’d just sit it out. (I think it was the alcohol talking.) I’m not so drastic.

Of course I’ll vote for the nominee, read my “Anyone but…” post, because not voting will be a vote for the Democratic candidate and I can’t do that with my vote. Writing in Thompson, would do that same. No, I’ll vote along party lines and hope for the best.

I’ll watch the process with the same interest I’ll be watching the Super Bowl this year, since the Cowboys are out. And the Oscars. Really, There Will Be Blood, how many people have really seen it? I’ll simply be there for the chips and dips.

So the good thing about tonight, if the pundits are right, I’ll get to concentrate on other things, like blogging about things other than politics – maybe – and finally get cracking on that screenplay I’ve always promised myself I’d write.

As for the party, we’ll just have to reap what we sow. The country will be fine, hell, we survived eight years of Clinton, let not hope we don’t have to suffer another eight, so we’ll be fine with or without Fred.


3 Responses

  1. Thompson supporter AND Cowboys fan. Tough luck…
    Hurry up and write that screenplay!

  2. It WASN’T the alcohol. If we’re going to elect a liberal, then it needs to be the democrat so that we have a chance at an actual conservative in four years.
    if it’s McCain, count me out. I like the idea of writing in Thompson though.

  3. Hey, Sparrow
    Mighta been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.

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