Still working on Goldberg

It’s a good read. I’m only 200 pages in, which is slooooooow for me, but I’m really digging. I can tell you a couple things already, if you need a teaser:

a.) If you’re looking for a bomb-throwing, Coulter-esque diatribe stating that all American liberals are Nazis, then this book is NOT for you. Jonah did his homework on this one. This is not polemic, at least not so far. He’s not calling anyone a Nazi who wasn’t a Nazi and he isn’t calling anyone a fascist who wasn’t one or didn’t employ their tactics. He is, however, doing yeoman’s work placing the fascists where they properly belong on the political spectrum. On the left.

b.) After a while, it’s disturbing reading how easily a people can be led into the Cult of the State. I swear, I actually thought “I needed that” when I read this post from Hot Air.  At least someone still gets it. One wonders if we’re smart enough to get him though.


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