On Dex and the declines in the housing market

I’m doing my part.

to staunch the slow-down in exisiting home sales. That is, I’m buying a house. Trying to anyway. We’re supposed to close today, but I think our buyer is having issues and we’re going to be delayed.

I’ve been watching the market since before baby girl was a twinkle in my eye. I’ve been researching various neighborhoods and school districts, tax appraisal amounts and comparable sales for some time, plotting the right time to make my move. In tandem with that, we’ve been upgrading the house slowly but surely.

I can tell you this: it’s not as fun as it looks like on HGTV.

As of this moment,  the market probably hasn’t hit bottom where I live. That’s a good thing. Even though I could wait and get a bigger, better shaque d’amour with Mrs. Right if we waited a few more months, we’d be getting less equity from our current starter home. So it seemed like the right time.

When we decided we were a go, we put the house on the market and had multiple offers within a week and a contract on the eighth day. They wanted to close right away. Ah, the irony that they’re the hold up in actually doing this thing.

We looked at a handful of houses in person. I’d been doing my homework so it was easy to narrow it down. We were finally down to two and decided to go with the smaller, less expensive-to-cool one. This is Texas after all.

So, now we’re just waiting for the buyers to clear up everything so we can start the move in to heaven’s little .25 acre. 3 beds and a study, nice big kitchen, two living rooms and post-apocalyptic landscaping out back. Ok, so that last one I’ll have to fix. And Mrs. Right is looking forward to pre-emptive painting on the inside. Apparently we need accent walls. I was unaware of this deficiency. I’m sure that as time goes by other deficiencies will be pointed out to me as well. There are currently no sconces in the house. That’s something she’ll want to remedy. And window treatments.  There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the windows, but they need treatment nonetheless.

The house is also lacking in plasma tv’s on every wall, but Mrs Right is quite willing to leave that unaddressed. Oh well.

Anyhoo, for you amusement:


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