This story makes me happy.

It seems no matter where you go in the world, people think their leaders are inept. In this case, I agree with them. What may eventually hinder the powers that be in that part of the world maybe dissent through technology. Islam may take a hit also. See, Christianity has dealt with freedom of speech for hundreds of years, i.e. Life of Brian, the crucifix upside down in a bottle of urine, and degrading pictures of Jesus.  Islam, not so much.  They’ll poke at their leaders first. Then move from there to their religious leaders. Then: maybe they’ll move on to the religion itself. It’s funny, I see secularism as  huge problem for Christians, but we hope, pray and have faith in the power of the word. Islam is enforced differently, through intimidation. And if they can’t control the population, well there goes the whole ball of wax.

Yeah, I’m happy the Iranians are having trouble. I hope it lasts.


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