Why did the Amnesty Bill fail?

Rasmussen Reports has one possible answer:  The American people hated it.

Rasmussen Reports polling found that 72% of Americans believe it’s Very Important to reduce illegal immigration and enforce the borders. Just 29% said it was Very Important to legalize the status of those illegally living in the country today.

After ignoring the main point that voters were hoping to address, Senators should not have been shocked at the public reaction. But they were.

With all the polling data in the world today, how could they have failed to see this coming? While Rasmussen Reports was the only public polling firm to directly ask about support or opposition to the Senate bill, other polling data such as a recent CBS News/New York Times survey provided plenty of warning signs. Besides, the nation’s politicians purchase plenty of private polling data that should have given them a hint.

Read the whole thing here.

Not that the will of the people concerns our chief executive.

Geez. Mr. President,  if you were actually enforcing the laws of our country regarding the border and immigration, then you’d have more credibility on the issue of changing those laws.


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