The Other Harry

OK, while I’m dork-blogging I may as well mention that I’ve gotten to do a little reading lately. My sister recommended, mildly, the Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher, now a Sci-Fi Channel series. Kinda.

I liked the episodes of the show and generally trust my sister’s opinions, so I picked up the first book at Borders. I’m now about to start the fourth in the series. With as little spare time as I’ve got, you can take that for the recommendation that it is.
Background: Harry Dresden is a wizard who works with the Chicago PD to solve supernatural crimes. Reads like a detective story with crossover into fantasy/horror. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll find Harry to be slightly more “hardboiled”, Lt. Murphy way more butch, a lot more blood and way more sex in the books than in the show.

It’s fun reading if you like either of those genres. It’s got everything. The run-down office, noir-ish rainy weather, Damsels in Distress, Femme Fatales, hard-bitten cops, vampires, werewolves, junkies, hookers, demons, faerie, ghosts, honest reporters, true love….

I wouldn’t say that Jim Butcher is a fantastic author and I really wouldn’t say that he has a good editor either. You may have noticed my “intuitive punctuation” so when I notice a mistake, it’s glaring.

But the books are readable and very entertaining now and again. Good escape. Best on rainy nights with The Cult’s Greatest Hits playing in the background, but your mileage may vary on that.  The first Garbage album works well too.

I’m not seeing Universal open up a theme park for this Harry. Which is too bad.


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