The Amnesty Bill

Lot of folks on the right pissed off about this one. They’re swearin’ off W for good this time.

Question, and I really want to know this: Why are you so surprised?

Now, I like Bush personally and one of the things I like about him is that he operates from his beliefs and convictions, unlike his predecessor who operated pretty much to avoid getting convicted. And, even though I know it’s coming from his genuine beliefs, it’s a belief that I don’t share. Knew that when I voted for him. You can’t have everything, right?

Honestly, his stance on immigration isn’t new. He’s been saying this “family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande” crap since 2000.* Why all the shock and surprise? He hasn’t been keeping this a secret. You knew he’d do something like this if handed the legislation to sign. I’m not saying you should like it. I’m sure as hell not saying I do. But I was a lot more surprised that senators like John Cornyn are supporting the bill than I was that W liked it.**

What we need is a better way to determine who’s at the door and the means to slam it shut on anyone we don’t want into our home. This bill provides neither.

And I agree with the bloggers who are pointing out that he’s a lot sharper with his conservative critics on this matter than he’s been with his liberal critics over issues like Iraq, Social Security reform etc. Damn shame.

*They don’t stop at the Rio Grande; they stop at the edge between lower socioeconomic class and permanent underclass, regardless of race or national origin. Trouble is we’re importing much of Mexico’s underclass and many of their poor workers are assimilating into our underclass.

**John’s been working on this one in committee and voted against an amendment killing the amnesty portion of it, but here lately put out an article in the Startlegram opposing it. I’ll have to write him about that.


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