Can’t wait for the primaries

I’ve got this uncle, the one who bought me a subscription to the John Birch Society magazine, who just WILL NOT stop emailing me about Ron Paul. Now, I want to be respectful. I do. So I find myself just deleting most of the things he sends me these days. I’m about to create an Outlook rule if he keeps it up. It would be simple enough, just tell Outlook to delete any email with WAKE UP AMERICA in the body or subject. But I’d hate to miss an email that he asks me about and have to explain. Like I said, I want to be respectful.

But seriously, I can’t wait for the primaries to kick in and for the old kook (Paul, not my uncle) to run out of cash and sit down.

Truther bullshit really chaps my hide and the whole “they attacked us because of our foreign policies” meme is so tired. And I get both from the Ron Paul supporters.  I could take the time to type out a rebuttal to the Paul spam, but frankly they’re not listening. And so it’s open-glance-delete.

Man, it gets old.  Come on, primaries!


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