Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brooks has an addiction; killing. Kevin Costner plays Mr. Brooks, a well to do with a beautiful wife and daughter, whose plagued by his addiction. It’s been two years since his last kill, when Marshall, Mr. Brooks eerie conscience played by William Hurt convinces him to do it again and murder this couple. Something goes wrong in the murder and that brings in Mr. Smith, played by Dane Cook. Who wants into Mr. Brooks twisted little world. Demi Moore shows up as Detective Atwood who trying to track down Mr. Brooks.

This movie is unusual in it’s telling. It plays against type. Nobody is what they seem to be. Not the serial killer, not the cops, not the witness. Costner actually pulls off humanizing a serial killer. In a strange way, you hope he gets out of his jam and kicks his addiction.

The movie is also well shot and well paced. And there’s some pretty jarring and graphic moments at times in the movie. There’s some blood in the last part of the movie. If your in the mood for something off quilter, watch this on a Saturday afternoon, or when it comes on video.


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