Taking the day off

I have like a month of vacation that I’m going to lose if I don’t use. So, today seemed like a good choice. Sleep in, maybe catch up on some blogging.

I wasn’t online for 2 minutes before someone from work started IMing me.

 Dipsh*t@work says: “Can I ask you a question, or are you out sick?”

Sigh. Apparently I have to be incapacitated to be left alone. So, I blatantly stole a line from Dave in TX:

“The voices in my head said to stay home and clean my guns.”

For a whole minute I kept seeing the “Dipsh*t is typing a message” appear at the bottom of the messenger window and then go away. He had no clue what to say. It got pretty funny after the first 4 times. Finally, he just says, “Ok, so I’ll call you Monday. Thanks.” He’s Canadian, so he may well have been crapping himself whilst trying to type.

I’m so about to make that my messenger tag line now. The gun thing, not the Canadian-crapping thing.

And since I have the day off, a good gun-cleaning might be just what I need to soothe my weary soul. Plus, I’m going to the range tomorrow with a couple of firearms that I haven’t fired before. They look clean, but weren’t new in the box. So, I’m off to grab some gunscrubber stuff.

BTW, for the uninitiated, Kim du Toit has the lowdown on this procedure.  I read Kim’s blog pretty much everyday and he lives here in the ‘Plex so I’d invite him to hit the range with me, but he doesn’t want to talk to me. In my defense, I bought it at a gun show. And every time you buy a gun at a show, James Madison gets his wings. Just sayin’.


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