Sniffin’ for Love in all the wrong places

From New Scientist:

NOT only do opposites attract, they also stay together. A couple’s genetic differences seems to be the key to lasting happiness – a finding that could possibly lead to a DNA test revealing how likely a woman is to stay faithful.

And it seems that the sense of smell is how the ladies can tell genetic compatibility.

[Dr] Garver-Apgar and her team suggest that the MHC targets human behaviours, essentially controlling sexual attraction, perhaps in order to help to produce offspring with a broad spectrum of immunity.

“We’re fairly certain that all of this revolves around scent,” she adds. “Now all we have to do is track down the specific chemical cocktail responsible for all the behaviours we are seeing.”

Journal reference: Psychological Science (vol 17, p 830)

Hmm…. So could that be it? Could scent be the “it” factor between a fella and a girl, that essential ingredient that a relationship either has or has not?

I don’t know. You know who would know that answer to that?

Bruce Campbell would know.

No research to my knowledge has been done on the effectiveness of Old Spice on fidelity.

Update: Welcome Elzbth readers! Below is the (appropos of this post) vid I had to use to cleanse my eyes from her exchange with The Mayor of Mitchieville.

*proly SFW but with gratuitous cheesecake + Chris Isaak


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  1. […] January 12th, 2007 Do you seek to “produce offspring with a broad spectrum of immunity”? Would you like to find a faithful companion? If you are male, would you like to have beautiful women sniffing around youl? If you are a beautiful woman, would you like to watch a commercial with Bruce Campbell? Well, Dex has some answers, advice, and a video for you here. […]

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