True story

It was 1989. She had pretty green eyes and hair like Meg Ryan’s in The Presidio. She was waiting on her friend to come back to the table.

“So, where are you from?” she asked, just making conversation.

“New Mexico”, I replied. It was as close to being true as a short answer could be.

“Really?” She was suddenly interested. “That’s so cool…you speak English really well.” she told me, touching my forearm.

I just blinked slowly. “Yeah, Dad speaks English in the house.” I told her – both as true and misleading as it could be. It was strange being suddenly exotic.

She smiled as her friend came to collect her and invited me to a get-togther they were having later.

Funny how people judge you based on the way you speak. Funny how they judge you based on their previously-lowered expectations. That’s probably why this random memory popped into my head as I was reading the latest article on Barack Obama.

He’s so well-spoken…

I spent some, erm, “quality time” with her later that evening, but never did mention that Albuquerque is part of Los Estados Unidos. Try not to think about that whenever Obama comes out with his platform for 08.


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