A Lesson in Humanity

On Dec. 26, 2006 our country lost our only unelected president, Gerald R. Ford. Today begins a week of mourning for the Thirty-Eight President. On the ABC News tonight, I saw an interview with the first two people in line to pass by his casket. I remember one guy remarking about his duty, as an American, to stand in that line for all that couldn’t’ attend no matter how much they wanted to. Thanks guy. We as a country will line up, sacrifice time, money, and effort to pay our respects to a man who assumed the presidency under “extraordinary circumstances.” On the night of his passing our country simply lowered our flag and our heads and said a silent prayer for our former president, he served us well.

In contrast, in Dearborn Michigan tonight and many parts of Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s citizens celebrated his hanging. Celebrated. Danced in the streets, shot guns into the air, honked horns, and will celebrate into the night. He’s dead and gone now. Good riddance. I only hope that in that final moment, he felt the weight of those souls that he’d taken on his heart and wished himself a different life than the one he’d chosen.

Let this be a lesson in humanity: Serve your country and your fellow man. Serve God with all your heart and be the best human you can be.


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