If you’re Xmas shopping for Dave in Texas

Here’s a thought.

Hello Kitty

That’s right. That’s a Hello Kitty Fender. It’s just the thing I’m sure he’d love to see under his tree.

Just a special note for subscribers to his, um, monthly mag.

Note: There’s a bass available too.


5 Responses

  1. HA!

    Don’t think I can play that one in any dance halls around here, at least not without getting my ass kicked.

  2. You would have to open with “This Kitten is Not Cute!” and point a Beretta at it at some point, I’d guess.

  3. It would goover quite well if he wore a color-coordinated outfit with sparkly pink boots and a nice pocket protector for his multi-colored felt tip markeres.

  4. I don’t think the Jalapeno lights would go with the Pink of the guitar.
    I like the kitty though.

    Did You know I tamed a Feral Cat?

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