Baby’s Name part deux

Mrs. Right received a call from the hospital yesterday, asking if she could come back in immediately to fill out some paperwork. It seems that the admin who processes birth certificate information for the hospital was in a car wreck Friday morning. Birth certificate information must be filed with the state within 5 days of the birth and the hospital had missed filing paperwork on all babies born there Thursday night and Friday. Mrs. Right spoke to several people at the hospital by phone and it turns out it was already too late.

The State of Texas has given my daughter a name. On her birth certificate, currently, her name is Baby Girl.

I’m not as livid about it as I was last night. But the thought of going through the process of changing it…there’s no way there’s an easy fix for this.

Update: Paperwork sent off to the hospital and Austin. We’ll see how painful this gets before long.



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