Sweetness is here

Tale of the tape: Weighed in at almost 9 lbs and is a little over 20 inches.

My son came into the world with eyes wide open and with a barbarian war cry, shaking in berserker fury. But this one gave only soft cries and sought her mother’s warm comfort. Under the warming light, she took my pinky finger in her grip and looked me in the eye, confused but calm.

Her apgar score was 9.9 and I don’t care what anyone says, that proves she’s a little genius.

Some random thoughts about the whole process:

  • I keep hearing what a miracle childbirth is. The real miracle is that any woman does this more than once by choice.
  • If you want to see true love, it’s on the face of a woman in labor when the anesthesiologist walks in. I mean, she’s glad you’re there, she appreciates the nurses, she needs the doctor, but the epidural installer? She LOVES that guy.
  • The baby was blue and covered in schmutz and Mrs. Right could still, after a couple seconds inspection, detail which features were whose on the baby’s face. I completely lack that ability. I think most babies look like Phil Gramm until they’re about 6 months.
  • Labor and delivery nurses should be paid their weight in gold. Daily.
  • In the old movies, men are sent away to boil some water. Now we get sent for ice chips.
  • In modern movies, men are holding their beloved’s hand and encouraging her, coaching her breathing etc. In my two experiences, I was put to work by the nurses. “Ok, daddy, grab a leg.” I think I actually felt more useful that way.

Anyhoo, I have a daughter now and all seems well. I’m going to go grab the last bit of uninterrupted shuteye I’ll have for a long time.




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  2. Congrats! That’s really wonderful. Best to all.

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