Baby’s name

So, way back when, I posted on our troubles picking out a name for baby girl. Well, that continued unabated for quite some time. Trouble was that we each had unlimited and absolute veto power. Ok, Mrs. Right had absolute veto power. I was allowed to make faces at names I didn’t care for.

We went all through the baby name book. More than once. No joy. Trouble is, Mrs. Right is a teacher and believes that a child’s name predicts what they will be like. There may be something to this as all the teachers I know concur. Kathys are chatty, Jessicas are lesbians, Emilys are spoiled rotten etc.

Then we discussed family names. She really wanted to stick the poor kid with Suzanne, either first or middle. I made the face a lot. I had a grandma named Lucille, which wouldn’t be a cool name, but Lucy is kinda cute. It was vetoed. Maybe it was because I bundled it with the middle name Sky.

We kicked around literary names, but honest to god, I couldn’t think of a female literary character I liked that well. Nobody say Elizabeth Bennett, please.

So then we moved on to movie characters. I had lots of ideas, all rejected.

Just for kicks, here’s a brief list of kid names rejected by the missus:

  • Phyllis Mae (recommended on the earlier thread. Phyllis is actually my mom’s name too and so this one was actually considered briefly. Well, by me anyway.)
  • Lucy Sky
  • Lucy Pevensie
  • Jane Porter
  • Kaylee River
  • Inara Zoe
  • Ellen Ripley
  • Sarah Connor
  • Chloe O’Brien
  • Keiko O’Brien
  • Tasha Yar
  • Newt Rebecca
  • Rona Reagan
  • Rona Condoleeza
  • Karla Rove (rejected beginning of November)
  • Sports names were limited
  • Landry was considered
  • and my favorite: Payton Sweetness.

(I suggested Perry, if she was a big girl. I had to duck a house shoe. Which was followed up by Mrs. Right advising me not to even suggest McMahon as a girl’s name. “I know that.” I said, hiding away the little white headband and black sharpie.)

And it looked like we’d never come up with anything we both liked. We pretty much resigned ourselves to meet the child before deciding what name she looked like. As we get closer to the wire, though, we’re probably going to go with Caroline (so we can sing her the Neil Diamond song) or Alycia (after a good friend of Mrs. Right’s).

One of the two.

But whatever it is, I’m gonna call her Sweetness.


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