Science + Fiction

When I was a kid, looking at my Star Wars comic books, the ones that would be financing my house right now if I hadn’t at some point let them be thrown away, my dad used the term “science fiction”. I was six, maybe seven, and asked what that was. Dad explained that some stories were true and we called these non-fiction, some stories were made up and these were fiction, and other stories were made up and set way in the future or on other planets and we called these science fiction. For a very long time I just thought those were the three genres of literature.

I’m still not convinced that I was wrong about that.

Sci-Fi is, as one author put it, the dreams our stuff is made of. It’s the ultimate sandbox for the mind where worlds and societies are built and brought low, just to see the human reaction and to highlight the human condition. It’s the friction point where the dreamer and the technician meet.
So with that in mind, here’s Stephen Browne on The Greatest Political Discussion of our time.

And if you’d like to read a little sci-fi on a Saturday, here’s a poignant little short story from Dan Simmons.  Don’t read it right before bed; it’ll keep you up.

And this one’s clever: Norman Spinrad’s Year of the Mouse.


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