Weird thought

It’s late. Apologize in advance, but here’s a modest proposal:

In a war on radical islam, one tool we could invent that would absolutely destroy the backwards, 7th century jihadi nations would be a birth control pill that prevented conception of a female baby only. I dunno how it would work, maybe the guy takes it.

But give it a few years and there’d be no women at all in jihadi country. Unless such a pill was haram for some reason.

Sorry, it’s late. Comments welcome though.


6 Responses

  1. How do we get them to swallow it? You are a creative guy. I’ll bet you have a plan. So…what is it?

  2. Hi Dex…who is on war with ‘radical Islam’? A few Bushmen from the stone ages…which are the 7th century jihadi nations that you talk about — the ones where the US HALLUCINATES there are hidden weapons, hidden men in caves, hidden ideologies? If it were all so darn hidden, then why worry? Be happy…blahlalalala…

    Incidentally, isn’t it surprising that while Osama uses the good new technology to send his home videos, the largest superpower cannot find ornery things? And just FYI, what was Bush doing with the Saudis all along? Playing dumb charades with 7th century types? Forgot that Osama was nurtured in the US?

    You aren’t one bit late…am sure you have got over the hangover. Just to remind you too that getting rid of female babies is so very regressive a thought.

    Wake up and smell the camel urine…

  3. Elzbth, I think the best way to get them to swallow it would simply be to tell them what it does. We’re talking about a part of the world where women aren’t exactly on a pedestal. Failing that, just make the pills really small so that they can be fried with chickpeas. Mmmmm…prophylactic falafel. Can’t hide them in your tamale recipe, since that has pork.

    FV, it was midnight thirty my time over a day ago when I posted it, so it was late in the evening for me. I don’t drink anymore, but thanks for you concern about my hangover.

    I know it’s a regressive idea to get rid of female babies, which is why it would be so attractive to regressive societies.

  4. Actually, I take it back – the unintended consequences of such a thing would be huge, especially in friendly nations like India where sex selection is already a widespread practice via abortion. Not to mention places like China with “one-child” policies and already-high infanticide rates. We’d be looking at at least one whole continent with no women, except in places where the pill wasn’t available.

  5. Why the women?

    Get rid of the male fetus’s and soon you’d have a relatively peaceful society.

  6. Hey Dakota,

    I was thinking of a way to use the enemy’s misogynistic tendencies as a weakness.

    As for the assertion that a society with a low male to female ratio is relatively peaceful, I have my doubts. Might be a fun topic for a whole separate post though.

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