More news – bad and good

First the bad:

Sunni Muslims detonate a car bomb in Sadr City, killing 34.  Militias continue killing innocent civilians in celebration of Ramadan. This will pretty much stop once all of Baghdad is secured by Iraqi forces, which is in process now, no word on when that will be accomplished. It’s great that Iraq has a democratically elected government and volunteer police and military, but until a government can enforce its laws and protect its people from predation and violence, it’s not worth much. The sad thing is that we’re getting used to seeing this kind of report. We’ll know things are getting better there when we get used to good news from Iraq.

The good news? They’re getting there:

From Rusty Shackleford: Head of Ansar al-Sunna captured.

Let’s hope this leads to more arrests and dead terrorists.

Also, found this at Gateway Pundit:

…The battle in Iraq today is not between the various communities. Their elected representatives have agreed on a government of national unity and on national reconciliation. Nor is it a battle between civilizations, as some have seen it.

It is a war “about civilization” as Prime Minister Tony Blair has phrased it so well – the conflict is between those who believe in having a civilization and those who don’t believe in having one at all. As you no doubt already understand, we are fighting a terribly difficult war in Iraq. We are doing everything within our power to protect our people from this clear form of fascism that seduces them into civil war.

The calculated crime of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his henchmen in bombing the Shrine of Samarra, one of Iraq’s religious and cultural treasures, is a prime example of their agenda. They wanted to slide the country into civil war.

Thanks to the presence of the U.S. forces in Iraq and the wisdom of my colleagues in the leadership of Iraq, that plan was thwarted and the short spate of violence was contained.

Jalal Talabani, president of Iraq.

I’ve said it before and I’m not the first one to say so, but a free and prosperous Iraq is a greater threat to our enemies than any weapon in our arsenal.


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