Pope enrages Muslim world

Couple things about this:

Number one, the pope gives a lot of academic and other speeches, the vast majority of which nobody but his audience ever hears. Most of the Holy See’s positions are out and out ignored by non-catholic Christians and a good portion are ignored or rejected even by Cathlolics. So how did this speech manage to get major coverage world-wide? Someone reporting on it knew they could start this fight if they gave the speech and the quote the spotlight.

Number two, now that it’s out there I think that the pope should clarify but not apologize for what he was really saying. He won’t change any minds in the Muslim world by doing so. But those aren’t the minds he needs to change.

John has the best article I’ve read on this topic. Read the whole thing.  


3 Responses

  1. As a Muslim I am not upset about what the Pope said. And, no, I am not offering the other cheek. I guess I may be being cheeky, though.

    The Pope went to Germany and decided to quote something that was said a few centuries earlier. This only reveals that he is way behind times. I am not into promoting Islam as a religion of peace. Even if any religion promoted peace, its adherents would find a reason to fight over whose is ‘bigger’. Even the Dalai Lama has shown his pugnacious side. So let us quit ‘peacing’.

    What has disturbed me about this episode is the Muslims not letting go. They say this is worse than the Danish cartoons controversy because it has come from the “the Christian religious authority”. So what? If anything, it should tell them and his followers a lot about His Holiness.

    The Vatican has already said that Pope Benedict XVI was ‘very sorry’ his statements had upset Muslims. This is patronising and now the Muslims want more of it: they are asking for a personal apology. They are behaving like perfect idiots, taking to the streets, shouting their lungs out. And doing exactly what the world wants them to do: look like uncivilised tribals.

    If only they kept their mouths shut and issued a statement quoting from the Bible: “I am writing to you, my dear children, because your sins have been forgiven because of Jesus.” (John 2:12). Yeah mimicking works well to take the wind out of the sails of the holiest of the holy.

    Now, as I see it, the Pope, the Vatican and its political satellites have won a major public relations coup.

  2. I think this issue is quite funny, come on the newspapers needed something to throw in the headlines! You can´t blame them for needing something to do from eight to seven! Im actually going to sit back, pick some popcorns and enjoy the bloodshed thats going to rise from here, just, please people, dont forget to buy the ticket to see this in the front row!

  3. Oh wow, now blame the newspapers…next we will hear that the Pope had a press conference BEFORE delivering that lecture. It is a pity that there is such little enjoyment left in people’s lives that they need this…

    And, yes, a tip on how to watch a movie. The front row is the worst, for you have to crane your neck. Find a nice corner seat at the back and keep chucking corn kernels when it gets terribly exciting.

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