9-11 post

I can’t really let the anniversary go by without posting anything, but I’m really too full of hate to put up my own thoughts.

So, if you haven’t seen these, here are some thoughts from men much better spoken than yours truly:

Rudy Giuliani

Christopher Hitchens

Mark Steyn

Michael Ledeen 

They say it better than I could. Ah, what the hell. I rant below.

First off, re: 9/11

I want more blood in retaliation.

You know what you call 5000 dead Al Qaida in Afganistan and Iraq? A good start.

Re: the war on terror

I hate that name. What we are fighting is a response to jihad. We actually have a word for a military response to jihad. Starts with a “C”. And it pisses off CAIR and our enemies.

This is the new Crusade. The American Crusade. And since we’re not letting popes run it this time, maybe it’ll work out for us. If we don’t lose our will and if we don’t abandon good strategy. If.
Re: 9/11 “Truthers”

Fuck them. Fuck them right to hell for making light of 9/11, for making a quick buck selling their bullshit and wasting everyones time with it. I meet one of these jackasses who made this Loose Change movie, I’ll be sorely tempted to break their jaw. And then Conger will explain to the cops how the jagoff broke his own jaw to put the blame on me. And when he writes out what happened for the cops, I’ll just respond, “Of course, that’s what he WANTS you to believe.” Sigh. Nice daydream. Back to life.

Re: the enemy

First off, what to call them? There was a lot of talk about Islamic Facism, Islamofacims, extremists, fundamentalists, etc. Personally, I’m liking the term jihadi. To begin with, it was coined for our current conflict. Second, accoring to Victor Davis Hanson, it’s the title they sell Mein Kampf under in the middle east, giving the nice nazi undertone we’re looking for. Third, it’s a name that’s about the movement itself, not the religion it’s subverting. It actually amazes me that we haven’t landed on one yet.

Also, about the enemy:

I’ve read a lot of things in the last week about the nature of our enemy, what we should call them, why they hate us etc. The thing is we’re being misdirected by our own determination to understand.

Since 9/11, I’ve learned way more than I ever wanted to about Islam. I’ve boned up on the history of the Middle East. I’ve looked at the long and inglorious history of Western involvement in the politics of other nations. I’ve read viewpoints both left and right, moonbat and paleocon. And the thing is, we’re making this way too hard.

We know this enemy. They aren’t anything new. They’re just assholes who are twisting religious beliefs and traditional ways into violent action, with the ultimate end of gaining political power. That’s it. Nothing special about it. Clerics of all religions, big and tribal, have pulled the same BS ever since the first solar eclipse. There is nothing new here. Every time it comes around, we try to give it a new name. Most recently it was fascism, nazism, communism where the assholes tried to make the State into a religion. In the centuries before that, states tried co-opting religion and vise versa. There is absolutely nothing new in these jihadis, nothing that requires a deeper knowledge of Islam, the Koran, Arab or Persian culture or the history of the region.

The only difference is that we’re confronting the problem before it has gotten too big and become solidified. Jihadi groups are still only loosely organized and they come in many shapes and sizes. This is at once they’re strength and weakness. And we haven’t fought this kind of enemy on foreign soil before.

But they aren’t anything new and they aren’t anything special. We’re just encountering this threat at a different level of its development. But we know what to do.

Ace has more thoughts.

re: best practices for fighting this war.

Dry up their funding, oppose any state sponsoring them, implementing regime change if they won’t change their behavior, and extend freedom and democracy wherever we can. Ok, check. We have a good start on that.

Step two – win in Iraq. Win something big. A great, big military victory over someone nasty which cannot be ignored by our media or spun by Al-Jazeera or Al-Reuters.

Next, we’ve got to stamp out the preaching of jihad anywhere we find it, London or Pakistan or wherever. Replace the jihadis teaching in mosques and madrassas and replace the autocratic dictatorships that sponsor them. Either make them dear or make them gone in the night. We did it to the Ghost Dancers here; let’s not get all squeamish about having to do it again over there. And that’s still just for starters.

We could, if we had the will to, learn to focus our greatest weapons on them. Weapons we haven’t used since half a century ago. Weapons they have no defense against. No, I’m not talking about nukular weapons. I’m talking about using Western culture and media to our advantage.

Follow me here: I’m talking about movies, books and music by independent local talent (Hollywood would never go for it). I’m talking about funding films in Persian about the revolution making things worse. I’m talking about films in Persian about the shopkeeper who fled Iran and built a happy and successful life in America. I’m talking about the film in Arabic about the imam who claims to be holy, but is really a rat-bastard (like we do with Christian clergy in American film). Set a movie in a London madrassa and expose the pedophilia and rape that goes on there. How about Arabic hip-hop, complaining that no one cares about the poor but has plenty of money for Hamas to blow up stuff. How about a Fahrenheit 9/11 about the Ayatollah Khomeni? We’ve been very circumspect in making propaganda, but our enemy has not. Why should we continue to be? The Soviets had their “useful idiots” in America. Some of them are still working in Hollywood or writing for The Nation. Why should the US not support “useful geniuses” in countries currently hostile to us? What kind of impact could they have in liberalizing their countries and eroding power from their current regimes? Why are we afraid to find out?

And on the topic of propaganda, where is a gung-ho all-american movie about Iraq or Afghanistan? No, it doesn’t have to be Rambo, but Jarhead? Really? That’s the best we can do? How about give us a character over there that we like? And let’s have the honesty to call the enemy in Iraq what they really are What is Hollywood afraid of? Huge ticket sales? Riots?

re: just all of it

I’m tired of increments and half-assed waging this war on every front except for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. I want, when I am old, for 9/11 to be a day like Pearl Harbor day. The day we remember being attacked and the beginning of a war that we ended by winning the motherfucker, not getting used to the “new normal”.


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