Pakistan and Taliban make truce – bad news?

Round up here.

This comes a day or two after Sistani in Iraq distances himself from the conflict, stating that he cannot save Iraq.

This comes the same day we announce that we will treat Al-Qaida as POWs, not combatants.

Is this all coincidence? Or is something up?

Like I said, I’ve got a pretty serious case of Mulder’s Poster. I Want to Believe. I want to believe that all this is being handled at the highest levels and that we won’t know all the details until it unfolds.

Are we getting ready for a foray into Waziristan from Afghanistan? Are we being given the all-clear from Sistani and his supporters to fumegate Sadr City? Are we clarifying the rules for POWs because we expect to have a sudden influx of them?

I hope so. We’re not killing enough of the bad guys. And the bad guys are killing too many of the good guys.


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