The Race

We’re sixty three days from Election Day and Texas governor’s race is shaping out to be a intresting. Really it’s a glorified Republican primary with a guy named Kinky also running. This race boils down to two candidates: Rick Perry and Carole Keeton Strayhorn. Chris Bell the democrat, well, he’s a democrat in a red state. Sorry Chris.  

Here’s my problem. I’m on the fence about Rick Perry. I’ve voted him several times. Recently my support for him has slowly been eroding. I gave him credit for several things; bringing Texas home to the Republican Party, welcoming Hurricane Katrina victims into the state of
Texas – though this is slowly becoming a problem – and finally, he signed the Parental Consent Bill.

So why am I on the fence? School financing and toll ways.

I loathe Perry’s tax burden shift from property tax owners to the “sin tax” and small buisness. Why not cut spending? I’ll see if I can find some numbers on school financing.  And toll ways. I simply don’t understand why I’ve got to pay a toll to use a road. I’m already paying enough in taxes. I buy Strayhorn’s calling it double taxation. Yes, I have a choice not use it, but when its the only road to get to where I’m going, no, I don’t have a choice. So school finance pokes at my principles and the toll tugs at my pocket book. We vote our pocket book.

Some republicans might be suffering from the Ross Perot syndrome, where a vote for Strayhorn might be a vote for Bell, so might as well vote for the one republican we know can win: Rick Perry. Right now I’m debating voting for Strayhorn, but I want to make sure that if I’m going to inadvertently vote for the Democrat or the Independent, then it’s going to be a well informed vote. So I’m going to keeping a sharp eye on this here governor’s race and see where she goes.


2 Responses

  1. Last poll numbers I saw:
    Perry 35%
    Strayhorn 18
    Friedman 18
    Bell 18

    I think Friedman’s pulling from Bell and Strayhorn’s pulling from Perry. But Perry has serious bucks to spend with all the kickbacks I’m sure he’s getting for the Trans TX Corridor, so not sure the Grandma has a shot. As Comptroller, she did get plenty of free press though and she does have pretty decent name recognition, even with as many times as she’s changed it.
    The full-court press with advertising should be coming after this weekend.

  2. I’m the Dexter and I approved this message.

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