John Howard

You know why I’m using the term “The West” more and more than just “American”. Guys like John Howard, who kick ass. Proof positive that the US has much we could be learning from our like-minded friends.

Allah has the story.

I like Australia. I’d love to visit. I wouldn’t want to live there because I like being able to own guns – which our buddies down under fear. But if I did move there, I’d sadly be leaving my guns behind. It’s their law and their way in their country and if I wanted to live there, I’d have to accept that.

Likewise, if your wife-beating religion goes against their rules, that’s something to take into consideration before, you know, immigrating there. Food for thought.

As I said, there’s much we in the US could learn, not from the statement, but from his fearlessness in saying it out loud, on the air and in print. Welcome to America. Please bring what’s best about your culture with you, your music, poetry, stories, food, ancient wisdom, scientific knowledge, all that. Leave what conflicts like slavery, for just one instance, behind.

Update: Holy Fleurking Schnitt…France is outdoing us in this department. Ay, dios mio.


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