On Christopher Hitchens

re: John’s Favorite socialist, let me say one thing:

The scary thing about Christopher Hitchens is that if the liberals who share his views on everything but foreign policy actually listened to the guy and emulated him…the GOP would have no chance in the fall. Brit Christopher Hitchens is what a true American loyal opposition would look like.

You may now thank whatever gods you pray to that the Democrats aren’t listening.


One Response

  1. You are so incredibly right.

    I said this when Clinton was around – the thing that Republicans hate most about Clinton is that he’s not one of them.

    This is the same thing – Republicans historically have philosophy in the absence of leadership, and they have leadership in the absence of philosophy. Reagan was an exception (he was both), and Bush is an exception (he has neither). This is the greatest opportunity for Dems _evah_.

    But they won’t get it.

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