Movie Review – The Lost City – DVD – Andy Garcia

This movie is slow, beautiful, heartbreaking and hopeful. Mix up a pitcher of mojito, pick up a fine cigar, kick your shoes off and savor this film. That’s all I can say.

Well, no, it’s not all I can say. The Lost City is a labor of love by Andy Garcia, the son of immigrants who fled Castro and Che. It’s about the fall of Havana, a family split apart yet unbreakable, about love lost, found and lost again. It’s about the new boss being the same as the old boss. It’s about the subversion of idealists. It’s about ideals still clung to.

It takes it’s sweet, Caribbean time. That fine cigar will not outlast it. It’s not fast-paced, Syd Field formula. It lingers on the gorgeous photography, as well as the gorgeous Inez Sastre. It lets the point sink in. It lets you love the characters. The writing is smart, even if the dialogue is right on the nose a little too often. All in all, it’s an evening or a lazy afternoon well spent.

Oh, and Andy Garcia acts his balls off in this. And while we all know what a lousy sonofabitch Castro was and is, it’s nice to see the real Che, mass-murdering fuckhead that he was,  instead of the t-shirt version.

Highly recommend.


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