Israel and Lebannon again

Captain Ed gives the cease-fire 24 to 48 hours more.

We shall see. There’s grumbling a plenty out there that Israel accepted the deal and plenty that the US helped broker it. The cease-fire did manage to drop the price of gas about five cents, so that was nice. But it may cost Olmert his job. And in the end, may wind up costing a lot of civilians their homes and lives. Israel re-invading will be even worse for the Lebanese civilians who cannot evacuate.

In fact, if UNFIL and the Lebanese Army even arrive in the area at all – they’re still working out the logistics – their first objective ought to be the evacuation of anyone who’s not with Hizbollah. If there is anyone in south Lebanon who’s not with Hizbollah.

And, yes, I think the bill for all the damage should go to Iran and Syria for supporting a terrorist group that started this. But they won’t get the bill. We’ll step up and pay out to rebuild Lebannon.

Condoleeza Rice has an op-ed.  It’s a nice plan and all. If we were dealing with rational people, it would be a fantastic plan.

But, as Bob Heinlein once put it: “Man is not an rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.” Excuses for abominable behavior will be made. Hizbollah will continue to attack Israel, Israel will retaliate, Amercian liberals will apologize for the terrorists (not the “I’m sorry” kind of apology), the American government will urge restraint, news agencies will accept Hizbollah’s manipulation of facts as part of the cost of business, and gas will go back up a nickel. Maybe a dime. The UN will blame Israel. And everyone involved will pretty much accept that war in this part of the world is inevitable.

Daniel Gordis on this war and the first war.


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