Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon

Via Reuters.

“The right of defence on the part of a state does not exempt it from its responsibility to respect international law, particularly regarding the safeguarding of civilian populations”

Captain Ed responds.

 Longer post on this later….

Update: I was going to post more on this, but Muslihoon has said it better. And Captain Ed from Captain’s Quarters has updated, addressing the more general catholicism and politics conversation. Good stuff.

Update: At least this pope isn’t literally kissing up to the Muslims.



3 Responses

  1. I am relieved that Pope condemned the vicious attacks on Lebanon – the westernized country with 40% Christian population. I lived in Croatia when Serbia attacked us with a fraction of force that is being used by Israel and it was devistating to us. I am still in shock that this sort of inhumanity is possible and tolerated by us – the citizens of the world. Yes, I heard many theories and excuses, but we all must start with condemning the violence or we will all eventually (or our childern) be reduced to nothing.

  2. Hi Allen, thanks for stopping by.

    This is the reason that Israel must be successful in this as we must be successful in Iraq. This historically new-fangled western way of war where we try to avoid hurting civilians if we can is being tested by those who hide among the civilian population. There are older, much more brutal ways of fighting wars which the world can always return to.

    You call this attack vicious. It’s nothing compared to what could be happening if the Israelis shared the cultural values of Hizbollah.

  3. Yeah, rub it in Dex. Rub it in. Errrr….

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