Just another smoking ban…

Thank God I quit smoking several months ago. I’ll admit at times I miss it, but then I think about how much I spent on cigarettes. And, well, then I don’t miss it as much. But news like this still gets me.

A city run beach is as public as a court house, so banning smoking is within the city’s jurisdiction. I just wish they wouldn’t cite the health benefits, because you can’t really prove second hand smoking. It’s like the junk science behind global warming.

Plus, look at how its affected Dallas:

Two University of North Texas economists studied the effects of the smoking ban in restaurants, and the results were released in October 2004: Dallas lost $11.8 million (or 3.6 percent) in alcoholic beverage sales in 2003 compared with 2002. You could blame it on a sliding economy, but business was booming in the smoke-friendly suburbs, where hooch sales increased from 3.2 percent (Richardson) to 7.9 percent (Plano) to 12.2 percent (Frisco). The only other city showing a loss was Irving, down 0.8 percent.

I liked the rest of this article, because apparenty due to my quitting smoking I’m lagging behind in my civic duty.

In 2003, Texas smokers paid 41 cents a pack in excise taxes, totaling more than $501 million. They paid more than $271 million in sales tax on cigarettes and another $479 million in extra costs due to tobacco settlements, which goes straight to the state. The grand total: more than $1.25 billion a year.

Read the whole thing by Keith Plocek.  

Note: I tried to Google the original study, but couldn’t find it.  


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  1. A ban on smoking on the beach is the result of smokers being inconsiderate about it. Smokers, like me, who usually look for the smoking section in a public place don’t even like it when someone lights up around kids in public.

    That said, a ban on smoking in a bar is just fascism.

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