Superman Returns

The Movie Review

Gets a thumbs up from me.

Ok, so Michelle Malkin and the ladies over at Libertas got their panties in a twist over this one. Apparently it wasn’t patriotic enough for them. And several other bloggers have pored over every line of dialogue seeking to prove this film’s anti-American bias.

Allow me to retort.

I don’t think Ms. Malkin would have liked it even if the writers had Superman fly off to Waziristan, kick Osama Bin Laden’s ass, bring him back to Vermont and bitch-slap Howard Dean with his corpse and then recite Bush’s last inaugural address while straightening out the Flight 93 memorial into a cross. No, I think she’d have bitched that he didn’t do enough about illegal immigration. I, however, DID enjoy the film.

First off, this movie is visually gorgeous. You shoud treat yourself to it on the big screen. The special effects are awesome. 

Second, it’s a movie not a diatribe. The absence of the phrase “…and the Amercian Way” isn’t glaring at all in context.  And if you’re any good at all at sophistry, you could make this film sound very conservative. I mean, it’s pretty obvious Lex Luthor is a liberal. He doesn’t believe in God but he’s getting into crystals. His beef with Supes is that he doesn’t SHARE his powers. He’s like a bald, non-retarded Ted Rall.

The acting is good. The kid pulled it off, doing Christopher Reeve when appropriate and being all moody and pensive when that was called for. Some have said that Kate Bosworth was too young to be Lois Lane. Nope. She makes it work. Remember, nobody gets old in comic books.

The story is fairly strong, as long as you’re not the type to wonder if Lex Luthor is going to pull off his nefarious scheme. The Lois-Clark-Superman triangle gets more interesting with the addition of a new fella in Lois’ life, actually two new fellas including her son.


And the thing is, the new beau is actually a good guy. You get why she’s with him and why she doesn’t just fly off with Supes. And about the kid – yeah, yeah, here there be spoilers – being Superman’s kid and Supes letting him grow up with the other fella as his dad, well…it’s hard to fault the big guy for that. It’s more like what his father did.  

The ending was pretty satisfactory. It would be cool if there was a sequel. It wouldn’t kill me if there wasn’t . 

But this one gets a thumbs up from me.


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