On Whole Foods

Not too long ago, Dave in Texas posted about Whole Foods corporate policy change involving lobster. Apparently they decided there was no humane way to transport and sell the poor lobsters before their customers boiled them alive. He points out that liberals have gone so far from the edge of sanity that it’s hard to even parody them anymore.

So, imagine my surprise to read Nick Gillespie at Hit and Run pointing out that John MacKay, CEO of Whole Foods is no hippie, but a Milton Friedman lovin’, Ayn Rand readin’, Adam Smith quotin’ lib-er-tarian.

There was a discussion at Reason Magazine last October between Friedman and MacKay on this very topic. Turns out they agree on a lot, even though it was supposed to be a debate over corporate social responsibility. It’s a long article, but the gist of it is that MacKay is selling people good feelings about themselves. He just believes corporations ought to do good for their community and that this will increase investment and business because people are concerned about more than just profit. Friedman contends that as long as the corporation is up-front about this to its shareholders, this is fine. But, he makes the point, if corporations were taxed less and the shareholders compensated better, net giving to charity wouldn’t necessarily decrease. It just wouldn’t come from the corporation.

MacKay says this is the business model of the future. And he’s making money, selling those good feelings at quite the premium. I was expecting a more bleeding-ponytail type of guy. You learn something new everyday.


2 Responses

  1. Glad to hear about this, because Mrs. Michael and I actually love our local Whole Foods store.

    • I am confused about the healthcare issue. If it is truely the interest for people to have health benefits then employers must make a profit in order to pay the extra benefits. It is exercising our free choice more if we pay these higher expenses by purchasing products we want rather than having mandated tax increases or by a large sweep of pre determined health care rationing.

      The employers not only compete in the area of retail sales, but also in providing wages and benefits. That draws the better employees and or makes it to where people can afford to chose where they are better suited to work.

      I want every one to have health care benefits, but I want them to work and earn them. For those that can not work the government has been taking care of them, by educating them, feeding them and providing housing. We will always have a certain percentage of the poor with us, we will always have people that lose their homes, due to taxes they can not pay or people that lose jobs. These folks want too much, they are narcisstic and need to get over it and work. It is hard to respect someone that believes that others should support them. We are led to believe that they are underprivleged but in reality they exhault themselves over us making us their slaves. we work and they play. The government agenda seems to be exploiting those people, using them as poster children when in fact I do not believe for one minute the agenda is to provide health care. Not when you take away to give away, That is the key GIVE AWAY – when it is all over it was all given away and no one really benefits. Let people earn by merit so they appreciate what they have earned, so that they experience the self satisfaction of what they have acheived. Political exploiters rob individuals of their self worth.

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