Knock, knock.


Yes, Ace. This is one reason to own firearms.

Old but related – Here's another reason: Mountain Lions.

I'm sorry, but if this story were running in Texas the article would degenerate into an argument over which round the Dad should use, .223 or 7mm Remington Magnum.

(The correct answer is, of course, the Remington.)

I simply do not understand the mentality of those who feel bad for the predator.

(Yes, it is. Go shoot some gophers with that .223)

I feel bad for this kid that he doesn't have a dad who's willing to load up and kill so that no one in the family gets killed by the beast. Maybe they need to call in Kimberly Bauer.

(No, I'm NOT worried about how big a hole it will leave in the trophy. Use the magnum.)

Oh yeah, and then stuff it. The cat, not Kimberly Bauer. And put it where people can see it and you can bore them with the story. These are the things men do.

(Yes, cowboy, the .30-30 will work just fine. You get the Winchester or the Marlin?)

Yup, it's still a wild world out there. And you're better off loaded for bear.

(Well, now, for bear you're gonna want at least a .300 Win Mag.)

(Yes, you do.) 


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