One Niner Zero

That's what the scale read today. I've officially lost 40 lbs since February. Round numbers make me happy.

She gets on the elevator with me. She's a big girl, has been since I've known her. Not that it looks bad on her. She asks if I've lost weight.

"I've lost some." I say. I don't want to have the conversation again. Twice this week, I've had remarked to me that I've lost enough weight now. Au Contraire…I have another 20 lbs to go. For my height, gender and age, I just crossed into the healthy weight range. I have a BMI now of 24.9. Those of you familiar with BMI will recognize that I'm 0.1 away from being overweight. The range actually goes from about 160 to 191 for my height. I'd like to be smack in the middle of that. Still, two people that I trust have made the same comment. You're getting too skinny. Sigh.

Look, it's not manorexia here. I'm no Dennis Quaid. I love to eat. Mrs. Right cooks up the good stuff night after night and it takes a HUGE amount of willpower not to eat every last morsel, especially her three-cheese tortellini with italian sausage meat sauce. I'm just counting calories to lose the fat I've been carrying since always. I'm not taking pills. I'm not cutting out carbs, or fat, or protein or even sugar. It's pure and simple old school dieting.

It works for me. You know how fad diets and pills always say "results not typical" in the disclaimer? Well, I cut out about 500 kcal a day and lost a pound or two a week. And you know what? Results freakin' typical. It's normal, sustainable weight loss. I eat about 1800 kcal a day. Someone said I was starving myself. There are people in this world who would literally kill to get themselves 1800 calories in one day.  

And, no,  I'm not about to blow away, I still have 20 pounds to go. The love-handles and Captain Kirk chest are marked for termination.

But I am going to stop telling people that when they ask. From now on, it's I need to lose one more pant size. But I'll tell you guys that. Because round numbers make me happy. So does seeing my toes. And wearing the same size jeans I did in college.  


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