Future Blogging

Spaceports under construction in the Land of Enchantment!

Nukular Fusion! Yes, let's let the Russians build the first one.

Clean Nukular Fission! Now with Thorium!

Robots from Microsoft!? Go ahead and insert your BSoD joke here. Really, 'cause you're the first to think of it. And, hey, everyone loves jokes from the Windows NT era. More here.

Liquid Body Armor! Via Ace. Way cool.

Anyone's guess if any of these will pan out. My predictions:

Number one goes as planned, but takes a LOT longer to get commercially viable.

Greenpeace and the Gore-rillas will do everything they can to keep number 2 and 3 from happening, still dreaming of a day when everybody powers everything from solar, wind and methane from their own bean-curd induced flatulence.

Per number 4, Microsoft and other developers make robotics the new internet in terms of popular offerings, expanding market share and pop culture. Also, Microsoft will absolutely own in it in at least one area. Sony will offer tougher resistance to this than Apple did with PCs. Oh yes, there will be lawsuits.  

Number 5 will quietly become standard issue, John Kerry will complain that it's taking to long to get to the field after having voted against sending it.


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